I’m the noah of destruction, the fourteenth.


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for ywpd69 min! baseball au


Let’s do a tag game where we don’t use words, just commonly put together letters:

  • co
  • ie
  • ta
  • po
  • sc
  • si
  • bl
  • mu

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My girlfriend is an emo and we really love each other. We are both teens but she is emo, so if she asks me to become an emo with her, what should i say? 

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RADWIMPS | "いいんですか?"


RADWIMPS - Is it Alright? (いいんですか?)



we went upstate and my dog was being a butt and trying to swipe at fish in the lake and she fell in and when we dried her off she was still shivering so i put a sweater on her 

oh my god

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when ur running down the stairs with no bra on


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Gokudera or Yamamoto from KHR? asked by kazuunari
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Anonymous yodeled:

could you draw shinaratou pls ill give you a bacon